Bird & Pigeon Netting Control Belfast and Northern Ireland

Here at Guardian Pest Control we specialise in Bird control and Bird netting for both Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

Whenever birds nest or roost in a location, their debris and faeces will start to pose a real danger to any nearby human beings. As a result, they are then classed as pests and need to be controlled.

As well as this being very unsightly, the bird faeces carries a huge number of diseases to humans and can even become a slip hazard. potentially leading to becoming involved in litigation.

Pest Bird Netting Systems helps to exclude all species of Pest Birds from buildings and other structures including pigeons and seagulls. The netting systems are an established and effective method that can offer a 100% guarantee when it comes to getting rid of Pest Birds regardless of the infestation pressure. However, they need to be installed by a professional and reputable company, this is where Guardian Pest Control come in.

We have over 30 yrs of experience in Pest Control including bird netting.

We have worked on some of Belfast’s iconic buildings e.g. Belfast City Hall, Customs House, Robinson Cleaver Building and Scottish Provident building to name a few.

Professional Pest Bird Netting in Belfast

Bird Netting is a long-term bird control solution that ensures protecting rooftops, entire building elevations, canopies, beams, eaves, bridges, and other enclosed areas that are targeted spots for pest birds such as seagulls and pigeons.

One attractive point of Pest Bird Netting Systems is that they don’t affect the overall look of the building, as long as they are installed by a professional like Guardian correctly. They are very discreet and are virtually invisible from a distance of a few meters. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss any questions you may have.