Health & Safety Statement for Removal of Bird Droppings, Nest Materials and Other Debris

  • Wear disposable overalls with a hood for protection against dust and dirt​​
  • Wear a half mask or full face respirator with a P3 filter. With half mask wear ‘indirect ventilation’ goggles for additional eye protection.
  • Personal hygiene is essential. After each period of work remove contaminated coveralls and PPE and wash yourself thoroughly. Change Filters on Masks daily. Ensure eating and drinking facilities are totally separate from work area.
  • Keep all non Guardian Pest Control Staff and General Public away from the work area.
  • Remove droppings, nest materials and all other debris with minimal spread of dusts and residues. Do not contaminate other places/work areas/public places. All droppings/residues/debris must be bagged ( as per method statement) for disposal through a licensed waste disposal contractor
  • On completion treat cleaned areas with an insecticide and a anti –bacterial agent( Ornokill) as appropriate
  • Ensure safe access for any work at heights