Humane Bird Control Belfast

Birds are beautiful creatures, but occasionally, they can cause problems. While most birds make their nests far away from the hustle and bustle of residential and commercial areas, it’s not uncommon for home and business owners to find themselves with uninvited feathered guests. If your home or business premises have been invaded by birds, or bird nests are causing issues for you, Guardian Pest Control can help. Offering humane bird control in Belfast, we can solve your dilemmas safely and sympathetically.

Humane bird removal in Belfast
Birds can be an issue when they nest near chimneys, or they start to gather close to business premises. While many types of birds don’t pose any risks within an urban environment, it is possible for some species to dominate and start to take over. Pigeons, for example, tend to thrive once they have established a spot they deem suitable, and for home and business owners, having a large group of pigeons nesting, cooing, and flying close to the property is far from ideal. Guardian Pest Control specialises in the humane removal of birds, utilising tried and tested methods to eliminate troublesome bird populations without causing any harm or distress. If your home or business premises have been taken over by gulls, pigeons, starlings or crows, we’re confident we can solve the problem efficiently and effectively.

Humane removal methods
Animal welfare is hugely important to us, and we use only humane methods to remove birds from residential properties and business and public premises. Our aim is to relocate the birds in the safest way possible. We employ a range of techniques, including bird netting, spikes and electronic control to discourage nesting and gently encourage birds to move away from their chosen base. Spikes and netting can be fitted to the premises very easily without causing any harm to the birds, and they simply prevent the birds from settling close to your home or business premises. Electronic controls generate sonic frequencies to deter birds from roosting in urban areas.

The problem with pests
Many of us love to see birds swooping through the air and gliding effortlessly from one tree to another, but trying to cope with a large family of nesting pigeons or crows at your home or business premises is a different kettle of fish. Birds like pigeons can carry a risk of disease, and the mess they leave behind is unsightly and difficult to clean. Having birds nesting around a store, restaurant or office can also create the wrong impression and affect the way customers perceive your business.

If you’re struggling to contain the bird population gathering on your roof, or the outside of your office has been invaded by winged creatures, Guardian Pest Control is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of pests and we use humane methods to achieve optimum results. If you’re keen to learn more about humane bird control in Belfast, why not get in touch with us today on 02890 607 454 or 07809 645 514?

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