Bird Netting Belfast

If you’re looking for an effective, humane means of dealing with troublesome flocks of birds, you’ve come to the right place. At Guardian Pest Control, we specialise in the safe, harmless removal of birds, employing proven methods, such as spikes and bird netting in Belfast to achieve outstanding results. If you have birds nesting or roosting close to your home or business premises, and you need advice, we’re here to help.

Seeking help for troublesome bird populations
For home and business owners, large flocks of birds can pose a real problem. If you’ve got birds, for example, pigeons, gathering on your roof and rafters, they can be noisy and messy, and they carry a risk of spreading disease. For business owners, invaders like gulls, pigeons, and crows can be unsightly, and they can also put people off coming into the premises to see what’s on offer. A customer may be reluctant to brave hoards of threatening gulls outside a shop or to go into a restaurant that is surrounded by avian excrement. At Guardian Pest Control, we want our customers to feel safe and content at home, and we want our business clients to make the best first impression possible. This is why we’re the people to call when feathered friends start to become foes.

Bird netting in Belfast
Bird netting is an effective solution for dealing with birds that have started to become a nuisance, and it can also be an excellent preventative ploy. Using netting makes it difficult for birds to perch and nest, and this discourages the birds from settling and staying close to your home or business. Netting is completely humane, and it won’t harm or injure the birds in any way. We can place netting on almost any building as a curative option to deal with groups of birds that have already started to populate an area, as well as a preventative measure to keep roofs and rafters free from birds. Bird netting provides a physical barrier, which protects and shields buildings, and it’s also a very affordable and discreet means of dealing with bird infestations. Netting can be employed in all kinds of spaces, from sports stadiums and transport hubs to offices, warehouses, and residential buildings.

Why choose Guardian Pest Control?
Guardian Pest Control was established in 2007 by Roger Fox and John Fitzsimmons. Experienced pest control experts, both Roger and John worked for Rentokil prior to setting up the business, and between them, they have over 30 years of experience in the industry. At Guardian Pest Control, we specialise in humane pest removal and we use effective methods to achieve results efficiently and affordably. If you have problems with birds outside your home or your business premises, our friendly, skilled team will do everything possible to remove the birds quickly, safely, and diligently. Using methods like bird netting, we can achieve optimum outcomes without causing distress or disruption.

If you’d like to find out more about bird netting in Belfast, or you have any questions about problem birds, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call now on 02890 607 454 or 07809 645 514.

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